11 Oct

Signs that you need to get your lawn sprinklers repaired

We have a feeling that like most people, lawn sprinkler repair isn’t a subject that you dedicate a whole lot of time to – until you have to. And hey – that’s ok, that’s why we’re here. And we’re willing to bet that the reason you’re here is because there’s something not quite right about the behavior of your sprinkler repair system.  So today, we’re going to dedicate some space to a few of the common reasons that sprinkler systems need to be repaired – with a particular focus on the ‘pick up the phone now’ kind of problems. These are not the kinds of things that you try to figure out on your own. Perhaps somewhere in this blog, you’ll find what you’re looking for. But before we dive in, we want to emphasize that sprinkler systems are like anything else. Even if they’re low-maintenance, set and forget systems; they won’t last forever. Ongoing maintenance is a must, but if you’ve put that off and are noticing that some things aren’t working like they used to, then, well, it might be time to give us a call. That being said, you can scratch the ‘probably’ off that list if you notice any of the following signs. What we mean is – if you see the following – give us a call immediately. Let’s jump right in. Spitting sprinklers Anytime you see sprinklers hacking, spitting or sputtering, you definitely have some sort of underlying issue. Maybe internal valves and seals are failing. Perhaps there’s a clog in your sprinkler head. Or maybe it’s just out of position. Regardless of what it might be, its time to pick up the phone and give us a call.  Water pressure problems Water pressure problems are a common issue in sprinkler systems, but it’s a problem that can adversely impact your lawn. Too much pressure and sprinklers may spread beyond their radius and overwater certain sections of your lawn; whereas too little pressure and wide swaths of your lawn may not get enough water. Sometimes, the water pressure can be so high that it can damage nearby plants and furniture with the velocity of the spray. Whatever that problem might be – this is definitely a time to call a professional. Soggy bottom spots Overwatering can be a big problem for two reasons. For starters, it can transform your lawn into a murky, swampy mess. On the other hand – too much water can mean more money out of your pocket. So this one is a double-whammy.  This issue could be the result of a wide range of potential problems, including malfunction sprinkler head rotation, incorrect zone settings or even leaks. Make sure that if you see this happening on your lawn, to pick up your phone.  Dry patches This issue is really the inverse of the last one we mentioned – and that’s your lawn not getting enough water. This one can be a little sticky though, because unlike over-saturation – you usually won’t notice dry patches for a few weeks. Yellowing grass is your earliest warning sign, but there are some others, too – including dry soil – that you can look for. The causes for this are the same as many of the issues we’ve listed above and again – it’s not a DIY project. You’ll need to call in a pro.  Does your sprinkler system need repairs? Are you noticing the issues we’ve laid out here? If so, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll gladly give you a free consultation and see how we can help. Until then, keep your eyes peeled, invest in some ongoing maintenance and good luck!