Drip Irrigation and Water Drainage

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigating for crops or lawns. While sprinkler systems are around 75-85% efficient, drip systems typically are 90% or higher. What that means is much less wasted water. For this reason drip is the preferred method of irrigation in the desert regions of the United States.

But drip irrigation has other benefits which make it useful almost anywhere. It is easy to install, easy to design, can be very inexpensive, and can reduce disease problems associated with high levels of moisture on some plants.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation (sometimes called trickle irrigation) works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil, such as in a flower bed or garden. The high efficiency of drip irrigation results from two primary factors. The first is that the water soaks into the soil before it can evaporate or run off. The second is that the water is only applied where it is needed, (at the plant’s roots) rather than sprayed everywhere. While drip systems are simple and pretty forgiving of errors in design and installation, there are some guidelines that if followed, will make for a much better drip system. Aqua Sprinklers uses materials and methods that will increase the benefits of your new drip system, while steering you away from some common problems that can cause you trouble.

Water Drainage – A yard that doesn’t drain properly can cause problems with grass growth, bugs, and even foundational issues in the home. Drainage systems are easier to install than you might expect, but they take some planning to make them work properly. Designing a drainage system is the most important step in the entire installation process, and by considering a few facts about water and how it moves you’ll be able to customize a system that fits your yard perfectly.