Pump Repair Services

There are three (3) different types of pumps used for irrigation systems in Florida.

The first kind of pump is a submersible pump. A submersible pump sits in a 4″ casing in the water. The pump will push the water up. A 1HP pump & motor will put out apox. 30 gallons per minute and will build about 60 pumps of pressure.


The second pump is a centrifugal pump. This pump sucks the water and will put out aprox. 20-30 gallons per minute depending on the draw and will only nuild about 38lbs if pressure. This pump is not good on a pressure system. It is only good with a pump start relay.

The last pump is a Jet pump. The Jet pump works the same way as a Centrifugal pump. The jet pump won’t put as much water out but will build up aprox. 50-60lbs if pressure and works good on a pressure system.