26 Oct

The benefits of owning a sprinkler system

Installing a lawn sprinkler system is an investment that pays off in a variety of ways both now and into the future as well. A custom-designed watering system can help you have lush, green grass that not only looks great, but gives you a happy, healthy landscape that adds value to your home.  Today, we’re going to discuss some of the main benefits homeowners can expect if they make the decision to install a sprinkler system in their yard. Let’s jump right in! Convenience Let’s be honest, today we’re busier than we’ve ever been, whether that’s at work or at home with the family. Any chance you get to carve some time back into your schedule can be invaluable. Sprinkler systems make it so that caring for your lawn isn’t a chore. No more dragging a hose around, screwing on a sprinkler head, grappling with valves and dealing with stubborn patches of turf. All of these problems go away, with one flip of the switch.  Optimal watering Sprinkler systems will provide your landscape with the right amount of water when it needs it. No need to worry about over or under-watering, most systems can be preset or operated with sensors that will give every space on your lawn exactly what it needs. The end result is a lawn that looks even, nourished and healthy.  Less money out of your pocket Believe it or not, sprinkler systems don’t increase your monthly water bill. They actually decrease them. Why? Because automated water systems reduce your water use by not wasting it. We overwater all the time. And that’s not even getting into the leaks in hoses, valves and other connections. Sprinkler systems are smooth and efficient, meaning you won’t use a drop more than what you need. And that means cost savings.  Peace of mind While watering your lawn isn’t something that keeps you up at night, it’s just another worry to stack on top of a lot of other ones. And too many little worries can add up to a whole lot of regret. Sprinkler systems will not only give you a great looking place to enjoy and hang out, but they take that worry that things won’t get done off your plate. Even on vacation, you can set it and (mostly) forget it. Your lawn will get what it needs when it needs it. And best of all, just having it and all the aesthetic appeal that comes with it will add up to a major value-add for your home when it comes time to sell and move on.  If you’re interested in what a sprinkler system can do for your home, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Hopefully these benefits make you a little bit more motivated! Good luck!